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Coldroom, Freezer and Chiller Doors

Along with our full range of bespoke sliding and hinged coldroom door systems, NCC offers a complete package of personnel and access doors. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to adapt, and are happy to receive any design or specification.

Personnel Doors
Personnel coldroom doors are available from stock in standard sizes and specification, bespoke personnel doors also available.

Standard sizes:
750mm wide x 2100mm high
900mm wide x 2100mm high

General specification as follows:

  • PIR Insulation core
  • Food safe laminate coated
  • Anodised aluminium surround
  • Two part frame to suit any thickness
  • Stainless steel door furniture
  • Range of finishes.

Vision Panels
A range of vision panels, circular, square or rectangular is available, fitted.

Door Closures
Standard doors are supplied hinged, with left or right hand hung options. A self-closing system can also be specified, along with double swing versions.


National Coldstore offers a variety of floors to suit the needs of their customer inclusive of anti-slip floors for safe day to day pedestrian use. A selection of ramps is also available, designed to create a safer and easier way of accessing coldstores.

Altro Floor

Designed to be used in areas requiring high standards of hygiene such as food production facilities.

Anti Slip Floor

Lightweight chequered plate floor which allows safer pedestrian access in environments which can be hazardous.

Concrete Ramp

Available in a variety of sizes, a concrete ramp allows easy access to coldstores requiring fork lift access or pump trucks

Chequered Plate Ramp

The durable surface allows excellent traction which is suitable for use with industrial equipment as well as pedestrian access.

Concrete Floor Removable Ramp

Removable ramps are designed to bear the weight of pedestrians and pallet trucks. Crafted from aluminium the lightweight but strong ramp is useful in industrial settings which require occasional access, whilst still be able to be stored away efficiently when not needed.


Free standing

Multi-level chrome shelving ideal for coldstores allowing easy access for frozen foods or chilled produce.

Pallet Racking

Durable racking designed to be accessible with fork lifts, ideal for storing pallet loaded produce.

Hanging Rails

Wall and Ceiling Meat Rails

Galvanised steel produce hanging system, ranging from solid bars with fixed hooks to a networking rail system allowing produce to be manoeuvred around on roller hooks.

Strip Curtains

Transparent pvc strips, designed to assist in holding temperature within coldstores or factories.

  • Pedestrian accessible strip curtains
  • Fork lift accessible strip curtains
  • Strip curtain dust barrier

Mobile Coldrooms

As well as bespoke Coldrooms, National Coldstore Construction provides mobile coldrooms, available to buy or rent. Our mobile Trailer coldrooms feature:

  • Removable strip curtains
  • Internal lighting
  • Secure racking to ensure your goods stay in place during transit
  • Dual refrigeration units which run as either a Chiller or a Freezer unit
  • Illuminated number plate holder for interchangeable number plates